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Delivery And Receipt

Renter received the boat, which he/she examined and found to his/her complete satisfaction, in perfect condition and appropriate for the purpose of rental. The renter must return the boat and all documents, tools and accessories that accompany it to Lassi Rent A Boat in the same condition he/she received it, at the location and time/date designated in the contract. Otherwise and upon expiration of the rental period, the renter will be obliged to pay to Lassi Rent A Boat the normal rental charge plus expenses for any loss or damage, Lassi Rent A Boat reserves the right to gain repossession and use of boat at any time without notice and without renters consent, but at renters expense , from wherever and by any means if at the discretion of Lassi Rent A Boat there is danger of damage or loss of the boat as well as risk of not receiving the rental charge for any other due compensation. Lassi Rent A Boat has the right besides the above mentioned case to gain repossession and use of boat if it has been used or is being used in violation of this agreement or of the designated rental period.

THEFT, DAMAGE etc The renter is obliged to compensate Lassi Rent A Boat in the event of theft, loss or damage to the boat and any person (including the co-passengers) as well as paying all losses and damages suffered by Lassi Rent A Boat. More specifically: A) Renter is responsible for all the damages he has caused to the boat or to the others, in case he has violated the terms of use of boat or in case he has been operating the boat in an illegal manner or in violation of the greek nautical code independently of ay optional extra insurance accepted. B) Renter is responsible for partial or total theft or loss of the boat, unless Lassi Rent A Boat releases renter from the responsibility for total theft or total loss of boatRenter agrees and accepts that at the end of the rental period he/she will pay to Lassi Rent A Boat the fuel consumption supplement.