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Top 10 Tips for Your First Boat Rental

Is this your first time on a boat? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your day out as a captain!

  1. Make sure you have a charged mobile with you. Won’t be only a must for your endless videos & photos, but will be handy in case of any emergency.
  2. Safety comes first! Make sure the company you choose has all the safety equipment on board and that a demonstration on how to operate the boat, will be given to you before your rental.
  3. Do not forget your sunscreen! A full day out & about with a boat requires sun protection. It may not feel that warm, because you will enjoy the nice sea breeze, but you do not want to get sun burned once back.
  4. Do not pack too much! Do not over do it with beverages, snacks, extra towels, extra clothing, umbrellas, lilos etc as you will have less free space on board.
  5. Do not pack too little! On the other hand, prepare a bag with the essentials (dry clothing, one extra swimwear, sunscreen & fresh water and dry towels).
  6. Do not forget your go pro! Any action camera will capture every moment of your boat day, plus you will not worry if it gets wet 🙂
  7. Leave your shoes aside. You do not want to cause any damages to the boat.
  8. Mind your step! Although boats come with an antislippery surface, when a lot of water & sand combined with wavy seas, you may loose your balance.
  9. Not all passengers on the one side of the boat ! Just remember to spread on the boat to keep the boat in a good balance.
  10. Bring your best mood & smiles because it will be an amazing day! Maybe you will be lucky enough to see turtles, dolphins or even a seal !!!

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