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Outdoor Activities in Kefalonia

Outdoor Kefalonia, enjoy views that will leave you breathless, swim at secret, unknown beaches and let the cool, refreshing Ionian Sea wash over and relax you. Lie back in waters surrounded by lush greenery, endless blue skies and the unique ‘light’ of Kefalonia; discover a truly poetic place.

Rent a car in Kefalonia

LassiRentABoat suggests one of the best Rent A Car company in Kefalonia. AutoRentals Kefalonia is renowned for its excellent service and real value for money along with high-quality vehicles, that’s why the company is one of Kefalonia’s best car rental companies. Discover there new prices for the summer of 2021. Earn a 10% discount after […]

Rent an eScooter

Kefalonia is an island steeped in tradition, culture, legend and mythology, an island that also has important historical significance and stories to tell you. Escape with an e-scooter, the environmentally friendly way of transport and be closer to nature and the elements . Book your ride or a tour from our partners here or call […]